Strategy Execution with gamification experience

Start-ups are trying to establish themselves to focus on WHY and align the WHY by driving user experience and engagement. Start-ups must adopt Lean Start-up methodology, allowing them to learn & adapt from the customer, competition, and employee execution. Mistakes in real-time situations will cost businesses dear in terms of money and reputation, both of which can have far-reaching consequences. The challenge of failure causes us to question the purpose and intent as a leader and collectively as a team.

By incorporating task-based simulations in strategy and planning sessions, you can enable team members to hone their skills and find solutions to problems they encounter in the real world. I conducted a Gamified Lean Start-up Strategy session for a start-up called InternShape. It was exhilarating to see the alignment on purpose and ability to combine forces while responding to the situations quickly.

The philosophy and method of Lean Startup have received increased attention in entrepreneurship and business practices. Gamification as a concept has recently emerged and entered the field of learning in a range of areas, from business strategy, operations to training.

Even if you’re the CEO of a Start-up, you’ll probably find yourself in a similar position when trying to roll out an initiative. It becomes essential to align the team to the purpose before you launch the initiative. Most people are too busy to be disciplined — that’s why we can help them with our gamified service. Through gamification, employees trained or having worked through simulated live situations extensively avoid traps and pick up crucial tips and are less likely to fail in the real world. Gamification in the workplace is not an actual game. Instead, it focuses on how gaming works in aligning the organisation, helping everyone to understand each other role & purpose, and allowing the team to build collaboration & learning techniques.

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Arvind Mehrotra

Board Advisor, Growth Enabler, Strategy & Culture Alignment and Technology Advisor