Getting Your Data Management Priorities Right in 2022

Understanding the Discrete Tenets of Data Governance

  1. Collection — Governance begins at the data collection stage. Organizations must connect to different data sources, extract information as per a framework, and centralize the data repository to build a sole source of truth. Increasingly, data is also collected and processed at the edge.
  2. Storage — Organizations must choose the most suitable data storage strategy for them. Hybrid or multi-cloud environments are the most common, providing flexibility and risk fragmentation. In that case, an enterprise data platform is critical to maintaining visibility.
  3. Availability — Maximum availability and uptime ensure that data is authorized to the correct use by being mobilized/monetized as envisioned. Availability depends on many things, from the strength of the underlying infrastructure to failover mechanisms.
  4. Access — Managed data access is central for both security and business continuity. Therefore, varied data tiers must have associated access privileges, mediating how machines and human users fetch information hosted in the enterprise environment.
  5. Security — Data loss prevention, data retention, and endpoint protection are a minimum of the policies you need to govern the security aspect of data. Data security and compliance go hand in hand, which means that organizations need frameworks and guidelines for GDPR, CCPA, Indian data protection laws, etc.
  6. Master Data Management — The MDM tool offers the capacity to secure data by creating regulations and policies. MDM carries features which include using user passwords to keep vital confidential information safe and away from third-party intrusion. In addition, it assists in protecting sensitive customer and staff data by using encrypted data to generate security-based rules. MDM solution needs to implementation in conjunction with security as it plays an essential role in access rights. To properly coordinate security measures when implementing MDMs, add a data program that regulates data production, maintenance, storage, and destruction, besides how changes are approved and audited.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach



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Arvind Mehrotra

Arvind Mehrotra

Board Advisor, Growth Enabler, Strategy & Culture Alignment and Technology Advisor