Reaching People at Optimal Moments is the Key Challenge for B2C Apps

Before You Sell: Customer Moments Before Conversion and How To Make the Most of Them

There are several ways to investigate a customer’s journey before conversion, like the prevalent AIDA model (attention, interest, desire, action). The one I have found extremely applicable to the B2C software segment is the breakdown of the journey into four types of moments:

After You Sell: Anticipating Moments in the Service Stage and Why It Matters

Monetization has become somewhat of a watershed in a typical B2C startup’s journey. The apps providers are left unsure as to how to retain the customer after monetization and continue to extract lifetime value.

The Third Element: Creation of Moments

The next logical step is to create moments that trigger a strong emotional response from the prospect/customer. McKinsey finds an undeniable correlation between customer emotions and decisions, as per an experiment on moments of truth in customer service. 87% of customers who experience a positive feeling will either purchase a new product or increase the value of the product/services they use.



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Arvind Mehrotra

Arvind Mehrotra

Board Advisor, Growth Enabler, Strategy & Culture Alignment and Technology Advisor