Top 10 Application Development Trends for 2022–23

1. Every team will be a DevOps team

2. Security by design and default

3. 5G and WiFi 6 readiness

4. dApps to go mainstream

5. Commerce based on mobile apps

6. Applications for IoT and smart cities

7. Low or No code and app development democratization

8. Progressive web apps (PWAs) as the mobile default

  • PWA apps are easy to load on the smartphone. They do not be available in storefronts or play stores.
  • No need to create separate apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms. PWA applications save money and time as developers do not rebuild apps for different platforms.
  • Users do not need to access the Internet to read content or posts already browsed earlier. With PWA, all previously opened posts are stored on the device.

9. Embedded artificial intelligence

10. Cloud, containerization, and open source



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Arvind Mehrotra

Arvind Mehrotra

Board Advisor, Growth Enabler, Strategy & Culture Alignment and Technology Advisor